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Price Confirmation
Price confirmation is provided once the lawn has been walked by the landscaper determining the existing condition of the lawn and the height of the grass.

Design and landscaping prices are customized based on the job/service. Additional detail is available in the contract on the donations page and below:

  • * An extended surcharge may be applied if the property is more than 20 miles out of the Raleigh city limits of the company.
  • * Fuel surcharges are subject to change per quarter.
  • * Cancelled appointments without 24 hour notification will be subject to a $20 fee.
  • * Returned check fees are $25 plus the bank fee.
  • * We will conduct a visit to a client's house if concerned about a service without notification before we come out to conduct the service.

Basic yard maintenance Landscaping, etc. Commercial and residential

Includes mowing, edging and blowing the lawn

0.25 acre - approx. $40.00
0.50 acre - approx. $60.00
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Mulching, trimming shrubs, planting, leaves, seeding, et cetera are priced separately We entertain both commercial and residential opportunities. Contact us today for a free consultation.